Major publications

Emotion, Affective Practices, and the Past in the Present

Author/editor: Laurajane Smith, Margaret Wetherell and Gary Campbell

Year published: 2018

Emotion, Affective Practices, and the Past in the Present is a response to debates in the humanities and social sciences about the use of emotion. This timely and unique book explores the ways emotion is embroiled and used in contemporary engagements with the past, particularly in contexts such as...

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Heritage and Romantic Consumption in China

Author/editor: Yujie Zhu

Year published: 2018

The drums beat, an old man in a grand robe mutters incantations and three brides on horseback led by their grooms on foot proceed to the Naxi Wedding Courtyard, accompanied, watched and photographed the whole way by tourists, who have bought tickets for the privilege. The traditional wedding...

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Safeguarding Intangible Heritage

Author/editor: Natsuko Akagawa and Laurajane Smith

Year published: 2018

The UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage came into force in 2006, framing the international and national practices and policies associated with intangible cultural heritage. This volume critically and reflexively examines these practices and policies, providing...

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Histories of controversy : Bonegilla Migrant Centre

Author/editor: Alexandra Dellios

Year published: 2017

Bonegilla was a point of reception and temporary accommodation for approximately 320,000 post-war refugees and assisted migrants to Australia from 1947 to 1971. Its function was integral to the post-war immigration scheme, something officially lauded as an economic and cultural success. However,...

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Sounds of liberty Music, radicalism and reform in the Anglophone world, 1790–1914

Author/editor: Kate Bowan and Paul A. Pickering

Year published: 2017

Throughout the long nineteenth-century the sounds of liberty resonated across the Anglophone world. Focusing on radicals and reformers committed to the struggle for a better future, this book explores the role of music in the transmission of political culture over time and distance. Following in...

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Side by Side? Community Art and the Challenge of Co-Creativity

Author/editor: Maya Haviland

Year published: 2016

A new wave of community arts projects has opened up exciting areas of cross-cultural creativity in recent years. These collaborations of local people, arts facilitators, anthropologists and supporting organisations represent a flourishing new form of arts-based collaborative anthropology that aims...

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Heritage, Communities and Archaeology

Author/editor: Laurajane Smith, Emma Waterton

Year published: 2013

This book traces the development of 'community archaeology', identifying both its advantages and disadvantages by describing how and why tensions have arisen between archaeological and community understandings of the past. The focus of this book is the conceptual disjunction between heritage and...

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Heritage, Labour and the Working Classes

Author/editor: Laurajane Smith, Paul Shackel, Gary Campbell

Year published: 2011

Heritage, Labour and the Working Classes is both a celebration and commemoration of working class culture. It contains sometimes inspiring accounts of working class communities and people telling their own stories, and weaves together examples of tangible and intangible heritage, place, history,...

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Uses of Heritage

Author/editor: Laurajane Smith

Year published: 2006

Published in 2006 by Routledge, the book Uses of Heritage offers a re-theorization of heritage that de-privileges the idea of heritage as a ‘ thing ’ , place or site. It develops two interlinked arguments, the first of which is that heritage is a performance of meaning making, and secondly these...

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